Your First Visit

What to Expect

For many people, your first visit to Serenity Spa and Wellness Center may be your first ever visit to any massage center.  At Serenity Spa and Wellness Center, we really want your first visit (as well as all your other visits) to be as comfortable as possible for you.  The following is kind of a step by step introduction to how your first visit will go.

First, let’s start your visit by booking your appointment.  You can book an appointment by:

– Calling (573) 774-3833 and speaking to our receptionist

– Stopping in at our convenient downtown Waynesville location

– Using the “contact us” page to ask for a specific date and time, we will call you back to verify the time is available

– Download our new app from the iPhone or Android app store, and easily book using your smartphone

Once your initial appointment is booked, we will e-mail you a confirmation along with a client intake form that you can print out at home, fill out and take with you.  This form is also available online at the following link or if you forget, we have copies you can fill out when you arrive.  The client intake form is important to everyone involved because it allows you to explain why you are coming, and it allows your therapist to gain an understanding of your medical history.

When you show up for your first appointment , please arrive 15 minutes early to allow your therapist time to ask any questions and develop a treatment plan.  This will also allow you time to fill out a client intake form if you didn’t bring one with you.  You will be greeted by your therapist or our receptionist.  If the treatment room is ready, your therapist will escort you to the treatment room to go over your client intake form and ask any questions.  During this time, your therapist will explain exactly what will occur during your specific treatment.  All questions will be answered before your treatment begins.  Finally, your therapist will leave the treatment room to allow you the opportunity to dress down to your comfort level and will re-enter when you are ready.

What does “dress down to your comfort level” mean?  Depending on the type of treatment or massage you are receiving, you will want to wear the appropriate level of clothing/undergarments.  This is entirely up to the comfort level of the client.  Certain massages use oils as lubricants, and those would possibly soil any clothing they come in contact with, the Therapeutic Mud Wraps may stain clothing as well.  It is also important to note that any massage modality where clothing becomes optional, you (the client) will be professionally draped at all times with only the body part being worked on being exposed.  The recommended levels of dress are discussed with each type of massage on this web site.

Following your treatment or massage, your therapist will again leave the room to allow you time to get dressed and ready to leave.  There is no rush, many people need a few minutes to collect themselves following an especially relaxing treatment.  Once you are ready, you will exit the treatment room where your therapist will meet you with a bottle of water and check to ensure the treatment was to your expectations.

The final step is to pay for your visit and re-book your follow on treatment.  In many cases it is important to establish a steady schedule of massage therapy sessions to  maintain your wellness and prevent re-occurrences of injuries.