Our Policies

               Massage Therapy Policies

To help you enjoy your visit at Serenity Spa and Wellness Center, we’ve put together this list of policies and explanations which describe how we provide a comfortable and relaxed therapeutic environment. Here, you will find descriptions of traditional practice, conventions, and considerations which are intended to enhance your experience.


We are available Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM. We are also available on Mondays as needed. To ensure appointment availability, a regular series of appointments should be scheduled. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment because our sessions will begin and end at the scheduled appointment times.  If a session begins late due to the client arriving within 15 minutes after appointment start time, the session will end at the appointed time and client will be responsible for full appointment fee.

                Cancellation Policy
We ask that you give 24-hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If this is not possible due to an emergency, please contact us at the clinic as soon as you know that you cannot make your appointment. The first missed appointment is a “learning experience,” any further missed appointments without 24-hours’ notice will result in being charged for your appointment fee.  You will also be required to provide payment when setting appointments.  If a gift certificate is being used as payment for your appointment, and you fail to give a FULL 24 hour advance cancellation notice, that gift certificate will become null and void.

                Health Considerations
It is important that you inform your therapist if you are pregnant, have serious heart ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disorders, or any other medical conditions. If you have any of the conditions listed above, we recommend you consult your physician before scheduling any massage treatments.

Please ensure there is enough time to discuss all health considerations with your therapist prior to the beginning of the appointment. This allows us to provide you with a full session, tailored to your specific needs.

We highly discourage alcohol consumption prior to or immediately following massage and spa treatments. Please avoid immediate sun exposure prior to spa treatments and hot or cold stone therapy.

                The Tailored Experience
The process of sharing your reasons for getting a massage with the therapist is important to allow us to devise a tailored session strategy which will help you reach your health care goals, meet your expectations, and maximize the potential of the massage therapy session. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have before the session commences so we can allow you to be completely aware of your choices before we begin. Massage therapy is truly a partnership between the client and the therapist, in this partnership it is important that the client is honest and open with the massage therapist. Feedback about the effectiveness of the work, situations that may have been uncomfortable for you, massage techniques that you enjoyed, massage techniques that you did not like, etc., is very important.

The treatments offered by Serenity Spa and Wellness Center specifically exclude diagnosis, prescription, manipulation or adjustments of the human skeletal structure, or any other therapy, service or procedure which requires a license to practice physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, psychotherapy, or any other profession or branch of medicine.

                Contraindications      (Situations where massage is not indicated)

Under certain medical conditions, massage/bodywork may not be advised, for example when a fever is present, indicating an infection. If a massage could be potentially harmful to a client’s condition, we reserve the right to decline to do the massage and there will be no charge to the client.

                Sanitation and Hygiene

Our massage therapy policies on sanitation are that all equipment and linens that come in contact with the client will be cleaned using an approved method. All lubricants will be dispensed in a contamination-free manner.

Before and after each massage, the massage therapist’s hands and forearms will be washed with hot soapy water and a disinfecting solution. Any breaks in the skin of the massage therapist will be covered with protective coverings.

The client will come to the massage therapy appointment clean. The client will inform the massage therapist of any breaks in the skin, and these areas will be avoided.

Should the massage therapist or the client contract a contagious disease that could be spread during the massage session, such as a cold, flu, or other droplet or airborne infection, each will inform the other. The decision to reschedule will be handled on a case-by case manner.

                Hair & Makeup
Face, scalp and neck massage will probably disturb the appearance of your hair and makeup. If this is a concern, please advise us before we begin. We can simply choose to avoid this area or, modify our selection in techniques to prevent a disheveled appearance after the session.

Many people prefer silence during their sessions to enhance the deep sense of relaxation that is such a compelling aspect of a massage. People frequently go to sleep on the table.

If you are inclined however, please feel free to talk at any time throughout your session. Indeed, we always encourage feedback during the session so that we can best achieve a comfortable and effective treatment. We will not share any discussion that occurs in our treatment rooms.

Simply put, the purpose of massage is not to induce pain, rather to relieve it. In cases where there may be muscle and tissue damage or where there is persistent soreness, there may be some discomfort as the area is manipulated during the session. In those instances, it is important to work closely with the therapist so that we can derive the most benefit from the session without approaching a client’s pain threshold.

On occasions where there is the delayed soreness following a session, we recommend a warm bath or shower and, as always, drinking plenty of water to help the body in processing waste products.

In all cases, your modesty will be respected. We are licensed therapists and we will utilize proper draping techniques. During the bodywork session, you are required to be draped with a soft sheet or towel at all times. As each respective section of the body is massaged, it is uncovered and then recovered as the session progresses. The genitals will remain covered at all times during the session and, while most people prefer to remove all clothing, you can elect to wear underwear as you deem fit. We strive to tailor each massage session to meet your specific needs. If you prefer to remain fully clothed, alternate modalities, such as Sports or Thai Massage Therapy, can be utilized in place of the traditional Swedish-based session.

                 Scope of Practice

Massage professionals are trained in the use of manual techniques to normalize the soft tissue of the body. Therapeutic massage is intended to be a health-enhancing system that promotes body balance and efficient body function. Massage stimulates the natural restorative processes of the body and mechanically reduces muscle tension. Specifically, Neuromuscular Therapy includes multiple “tests” to help determine the best solution to your particular issue.  In spite of this, these methods may not be used to diagnose or treat any specific, preexisting condition without written permission from your physician.

If any situation that may arise during the massage session and if the therapist feels you should be evaluated by another professional – It is our intent under our massage therapy policies to refer you to your personal health care physician. Massage therapist do not work within the parameters of licensed medical professionals. Therefore, massage therapist do not diagnosis or prescribe for a particular body dysfunction nor are they allowed to provide treatment for a specific condition.

The massage therapist is a skilled practitioner of safe, structured touch that is beneficial for many life hurts, aches, and pains. Massage therapy is a maintenance system, and the benefits are cumulative. It is best to receive a one-hour massage every week to reduce the physical stress that builds in the body. Appointments scheduled every other week, combined with gentle stretching and other self-help methods are also sufficient. Monthly appointments are beneficial for those who are effectively dealing with stress management. Occasional appointments provide temporary symptomatic relief, but the cumulative effects of therapeutic massage are lost if massage therapy is not used on a regular basis.

                Massage for Children/Minors

Any client under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present for the initial appointment to sign a consent form.  At that time, our therapist will go over with the parent and child in the treatment room what will go on during the massage and the therapist will be able to answer any questions you may have.  The parent may be present in the treatment room during the massage if so desired.

                Payment for Services

Serenity Spa and Wellness center does not provide credit to clients.  In other words, it is expected that you pay for your services when you receive them.  We accept Cash, Checks and Credit/Debit Cards as forms of payment.  There will be a $30 fee assessed for a check return for NSF.


Thank you so much for considering Serenity Spa and Wellness Center as your massage therapy provider.  Remember,

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